Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Customer database is considered one of the most important resources that must be optimally managed and linked to the marketing and sales departments to save the time and include everything in one place .


Characteristics of the (CRM) system :
-Lead management
-Contact management
-Deal management
-Email management
-Sales Automation
-Reporting and analytics
-Marketing automation
-customizing information and data for marketing
-sending immediate surveys
- mutual linked platform to maintain the flow of work between the partners suppliers and enterprises.


The CRM working dynamic :
-contacting current and potential clients .
-auto data correction check
-collecting data and information about the work flow and sending reports .
-team work dynamics by showing the amount of progress done in every task for each department.
-marketing operations by sending commercial messages that matches every client's interests.
-dividing costumers to categories.
-keeping up with trade deals.
-creating and sending reports .
-managing the work operations
- Data analysis .

The benefits of the CRM system :
-clear operational strategy
-collecting all information in one place
-uncomplicated sales process
-end-to-end costumer management
SLA complaiance
-contextual communication
-easy to use
-safe and easy solutions