Saaed E-Learning


With Saaed's system for training the trainee can learn what he/she wants according to his/her aspiration and the time schedule that best fits the required needs.


 It is a comprehensive electronic system that grants a simplified and flexible training platform to enable the registered trainees to select the suitable training program that addresses their needs in a variety of ways according to the preferences such as the departments required, prices, standards, languages, assessment, so as to make it easy for the trainees to search for the suitable training chance. The platform provides an access for the trainers to register in order to recruit trainees for their programmes and to follow up their trainees' achievements so as to facilitate the learning process between trainers and trainees.


The most important characteristics of this system are:

- it saves time and effort.

- the ease and simplicity of the training platform.

- the availability of unlimited varieties of training tasks.

- an ongoing access to the training programs.

- the choice of the best training program and trainer.

- the availability of an assessment for both the program and the trainer.

- the availability of trainees' assessment, achievement and progress.

- the availablity of a method for comparisons,  contrasts, and preferences among the different training programmes.

- a system for offers and discounts.

- the availability of registering as trainers or trainees.

- the availability of a comprehensive record for all the registered members.

- a general evaluation of the whole programmes according to the departments, prices, standards, languages and assessment.

- a general assessment of the best training courses and the best trainers.


The Training Courses

This system of training offers a variety of ongoing, always increasing and renewed training courses. The courses have the potentiality of addressing all the majors and specialities in order to address the traimees' needs. There is also a methodology or technique through which the trainee can evaluate the effectiveness and the benefits of the training course which will grant the trainers ways to select the highly evaluated training courses to join so as to get the best training chances with the best ways.



The Trainers

Saad's training system makes it possible for trainers to select the appropriate registration technique that enables them to establish and add specialised training tasks that enable them to follow up, evaluate and assess their trainees achievement and this will help in raising the standards of the training courses in general and the standards of the trainees and trainers in particular. The system is also capable of performing trainees' evaluation of their trainers and the training courses that they present in addition to giving a brief biography of the trainer and the training courses that he/she has presented in order to create some kind of trust between trainers and trainees.



The Trainees

The system makes it easy for trainees to register in a variety of ways in the training course that best addresses their training requirements according to the departments, the prices, the atandards, the languages, and the assessment. Through this system the trainees can follow up the whole educational programme and to what extent they are making progress in the required skills. The system will award them with certified training degress under the supervision of ertified trainers. The system also grants the trainees the choice of the appropriate trainer for the required training course.



In Dar Al - Saad we aspire to present this training programme to the potential training centres. This training system has a lot of functions, duties, advantages and characteristics that facilitate the processes through which the training centres run their training courses by linking these processes by an effective electronic system. The training centres that will have Saad's comprehensive training system will have the following merits and advantages:

This system will help the training centre to control the whole parts of the training centre through an effective technique of follow-up and evaluation that saves the the centre the costy complicated paper based processes that waste time, money and effort. The system also grants an effective way of assessment and evaluation of all the processes in order to improve it. The system will be  centrally controlled by linking all the parts of the training centre for creating an effective educational environment where talents and skills will prosper with the property of the whole parts of this training centre.