Saaed HR

In Dar Al Saaed we develop and provide you with HR management system to controlling and managing your HR operation more efficiency and monitoring all activities related your personnel with evaluation and reporting.

Some Feature and function for DS_HR system

Calculation salaries and other allowances:
DS_HR System is integratiable system with other devices such as fingerprint. DS_HR System can calculate employees’ salaries and allowances and deductions according to Auto data transferring from integrated devices (vocations, Attendance sheet, bonus, penalties).

-Attendance sheet 
Connecting the fingerprint devices automatically with the HR system to follow your HR operation regarding with employees time IN and OUT.

-Employee profiles
The HR system includes an employee profiles ( personal, educational and qualifications) , they can uploading their information with supported documents.

-HR Operation
DS_HR System enables you to manage the (Personnel Dep Activities) such as: loans requests and payment methods and schedules, vocation and other permissions.
DS_HR System enables you to evaluate your employees’ performance to ensure that complying with your company goals and objectives.

DS_HR system benefits:
With DS_HR System managers levels can to follow and approved their employee’s vacation (remaining vocation balance can be Auto calculated).
DS_HR System can register overtime hours with automated addition to payroll . 

DS_HR System have fully integrated with an accounting and financial units and posting that complicated financial transaction (with in a real time).

DS_HR System provide with your HR Department with detailed reports for all HR operation and activities with digitalize method.