Saaed EPR System

DS-ERP is automated and integratiable software to planning, organize and managing institutions resources and activities.
DS-ERP coordinated departments operation activities and insert that in institution plans and goals, in addition to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of internal control.
DS-ERP provides managers with monitoring tools for KPI , accurate data & Analytical Reports to helps them to making planning and strategic decisions.


Features & functionalities:
DS-ERP manages various departments’ activities of an institution as follows:


• Human Resources (HR):
Automation human capital operations to ensure business continuity in a smooth manner: preparing employee contracts, payroll and overtime, attendance sheet performance evaluation and vacations.

• Accounting & Financial Management:
DS-ERP contains a financial and accounting unit designed according to international accounting standards with the ease of data entry, accounting entries, preparing financial reports (income statement - cash flow – balance sheet and trial balance) with financial analytical Reports.

• Inventory management:
With DS-ERP you can manage inventory movement value, in addition to the possibility of inventory operations accurately at any time and provide the information required for making decisions such as increase production , offers or purchase orders, in addition to calculating the returned goods.

• Supply Chain Management (SCM):
Automated purchase orders preparation (PO) and coordinate with relevant departments, sending PO to suppliers, in addition to accumulative and detailed reporting on the suppliers' position.

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
Customer database is considered one of the most important resources that must be optimally managed and linked to the marketing and sales departments.
DS-ERP contains a unit for managing customer relations (CRM) and building a categoriesable database, maintaining records of potential customers and analyzing their interests in order to communication is the future time.

• Sales :
DS-ERP provide an integrated billing process, accumulative and detailed reports for sales, customer position reports, rating customers , and conducts the necessary analyzes to ensure that the targets of the sales plan are achieved.

• Projects management:
By using DS-ERP you can better plan, manage and follow up projects phases and evaluation an implementation, performance, measuring the percentage of completion and improving the company's position, in addition to calculate actual and expected cost of projects.

• Assets Management:
Register and documentation fixed assets, evaluation, liquidations and distribution assets, system coordinate managing assets activities with related departments with accumulative & detailed reports.


Other functions:

- Automation institution activities and mitigated operational risk.
- Easer to user and accurate reporting.
- Ability to conduct complicated managerial operations.
- Date management & analysis.
- Integrates all departments to a central database.
- Users’ permissions and delegations.
- Integratiable with some softwares such as (POS, payment cards Mob apps, e-market, e-payment).
- Follow up & analytical reports on smartphones.